Our Approach to Success

At Career & Interview Solutions, Cari Sterne will work personally with you (or your student/graduate) on the most important elements of applying and interviewing for a job or internship.

Cari tailors the following services to each client’s individual needs:

Help You Discover Your Strengths and Skills: Uncover strengths and skills that employers want—and that you might not realize you have!

Cari will discuss your education, activities, and experiences, and help you develop a powerful, memorable narrative that will attract prospective employers’ attention. She also shares how to put a positive spin on any weaknesses.

Write or Revise Resumes, Cover Letters and Essays: Having gained an in-depth understanding of your background, Cari assists you in creating a resume or essay that makes your strengths clearly evident to prospective employers or colleges.

She also helps you develop a “cover letter template” that clarifies your key strengths but also is easy to customize to each opportunity you apply to.

Highlight Your Strengths and Skills: It’s one thing for you to hear Cari’s view of your strengths and work them into a resume. It’s quite another for you to actually believe in those qualities and discuss them persuasively in an interview.

To help you showcase your strengths, Cari teaches you to focus on the goals you have achieved. With these “pearls of confidence” firmly fixed in your mind, you are far more likely to answer with solid facts—not fluff—in your interviews.

Mock Interview Sessions: Finally, the best preparation is rehearsing with a real interviewer asking challenging and unexpected questions. It’s not only a matter of how you answer in words, but also body language, professional attire, and etiquette in settings such as a lunch interview.

Cari practices with you until you are comfortable with the interviewing skills she has taught you. The result is a candidate who’s confident in showcasing their unique qualifications.